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The region Muránska planina – Čierny Hron can be found in the heart of Slovakia in the self-governing region Banská Bystrica. It is one of the most preserved areas in Slovakia. It is very popular for its diverse natural beauty, but also for its wealth of traditional folk culture and historical monuments.
- Area: 61 379 ha;

- Population: 20 700;

- There are 13 municipal corporations in this area: municipalities Čierny Balog, Drábsko, Hronec, Muráň, Muránska Dlhá Lúka, Muránska Huta, Muránska Lehota, Michalová, Pohronská Polhora, Osrblie, Sihla, Valaská and the town Tisovec.

- Population density : 33,7 inhabitants / km2;
- The largest municipal corporation is the municipality with population of 5180 inhabitants.
- The smallest ones are the municipalities Muránska Huta and Sihla – 190 inhabitants.
- The biggest part of this region lies in the National Park Muránska planina or its protective zone but it is partially extended to the Protected Landscape Area Poľana.
- The highest hill is Fabova hoľa – 1439 m above sea level.
- The largest cave system: Bobačka – 3000 m.

Advantageous position of our region enables an access from eight sides, from the north-east by bus from Červená Skala, from the south-east by bus from Revúca, from the south by train and bus from Rimavska Sobota, Hnúšť, Kokava nad Rimavicou, and from Hriňová and Detva by bus, from the west side from Banská Bystrica by train or bus and from the north side by train and bus from Brezno.

The Muranska Planina, Verporské and Stolické vrchy mountain ranges offer optimal conditions for all possible kinds of summer tourism in mountains. Well marked hiking routes, plenty of mountain springs with drinking water, abundant nature and, above all, landscape not destructed by industry and tourism. Part of the marked bike routes draw together our region with Podpoľanie mountains, the rest of the bike routes are usually not marked in terrain but the forest paths are well-rideable and you can get to such beautiful places you may have never imagined. The greatest annual ceremony is a tourist parade “Clementisova cesta“ (Clementis route) connected with goulash cooking and entertainment. Beyond the municipality Muráň, Čierny Balog with many attractions is another perfect starting point for tourism. The surrounding of municipalities Sihla and Drábsko, which is well-known under the local designation „Vrchy“ (Hills), belongs to the most beautiful sceneries in Slovakia.

We recommend you to climb the hill to castle Muráň, Klenovský Vepor or to visit the Forestry Open-air Museum or the Robbery court.

Carst pattern and numerous caves is a typical feature of the National Park Muránska planina. However, they are accessible only with a conductor of Speleoclub in Tisovec or Revúca. You have an opportunity to fly on a rogallo under desirable conditions in the close vicinity to town Tisovec. Trout becks of Muráň, Rimava and Zdychava, as well as ponds in Tisovec and Muránska Lehota please the visitors with their richness. Even the most zealous mushroom-pickers can find the matter of their interest from the beginning of spring to the late autumn.

Information offices are available for tourists to visit in Čierny Balog, Zbojská, Tisovec and Muráň.

You can fully utilize the opportunities in our region over the whole winter season. All ski resorts in Čierny Balog, Hronec, Zbojská, Michalová, Bánov, Rejkov and Muráň represent together a shipping capacity of more than 5000 persons per hour and the overall length of ski-lifts is 6000 metres.

Artificial snow fall is used in Ski resort Urbanov vrch in Čierny Balog and in Zbojská. In close accessibility can be seen the Low Tatras mountain range with numerous Ski resorts - Chopok South, Tále, Čertovica.

Ski running in perfect natural conditions is possible over the municipality Michalová in locality Priehybina and Krátke with walkway to Čierny Balog, in Zbojská, Predná Hora and wide surrounding of Tisovec and Muráň, especially on the „Vrchy“ (hills) surrounding the municipalities Drábsko and Sihla. Of course, we cannot afford not to mention the National Biathlon Centre in Osrblie with artificial snow fall and maintained tracks. There have been organized touristic cross-overs on running skis trough the Muránska planina and Stolické vrchy mountain ranges.

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