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Farmsted in the saddle of Chlipavice

zber lesných plodov

Location: Sedlo Chlipavice
Specificity menu: grilled specialties
Operation: in summer continuous operation
Services: pets will make your visit and if you feel you can get involved in the work and life on the farm

Farmyard follows the ancient tradition of livestock farming in the mountain settlements Short - Chlipavice.
You will be welcomed here a small farm, where you can experience the real atmosphere Láznička mountain villages. The log cabin, you can enjoy a variety of grilled specialties and refreshments will strengthen soft and alcoholic drinks. Will make your visit to our pets, and if you feel you can get involved in the work and life on the farm.

The Chlipavice you get shot, which runs from Outlaw Justice, on foot or on bike (blue cycling Čierny Balog - Chlipavice saddle - sedlo Diel - Zbojská sedlo - sedlo Burda). In winter the forest roads around the saddle Chlipavice ideal for hiking skiing or snowshoeing. In addition to housekeeping functions Justice Farmer sort cozy mountain where you can then drain and refresh in winter warm.

Spend a night on the farmyard you in their own tents or in agreement with the operator in the interior wooden in his own sleeping bag fee 4, - € per person / night + 1, - € use showers.

Web: http://www.zbojska.sk/gazdovsky-dvor/104/

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