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The Slovak Hucul Club

The Slovak Hucul Club

Romantic view of the world from the back of a horse.

| | celoročná
Sihla | 48°39'36.54" N 19°38'46.63" E
+421 903 404 232 | hucul@hucul.sk

zber lesných plodov

Romantic view of the world from horseback, hiking riding, riding lessons, children's riding camps, corporate events, school Outlaw, Hutsul pageantry and other interesting activities in beautiful surroundings .. Beautiful mountain walks is a good start and help you relax from everyday worries. The rides are available to you Hucul horses, descendants of wild horses.

Hucul the original Carpathian breed a horse with its strong vitality, courage, tenacity and intelligence of natural wildlife.

Hutsul horse, formerly used as a carrier, now looking for a new application. One possibility is a tourist ride. For this purpose, it is particularly suitable hucul. Predisposes him to his quiet nature and neľakavosť in unfamiliar terrain. Its hard courses and prudence movement guarantee tackle the more difficult terrain with beginner riders. Come and experience a ride on a nice Hucul nature. Memorable experiences await you.

Involved in the project: The Čierny Balog are considerate of the environment.
ENVIRONMENT friendly yes

Address: Slovak Hucul club Lom nad Rimavicou 4, 97653 Lom nad Rimavicou

Operation 3km from Lom nad Rimavicou - Sihla village (at the municipal office right up the hill to the forest)

Telephone contact: Milan Gonda 048/6180100, 0903/404232

Electronic contact: www.hucul.sk

E-mail: hucul@hucul.sk

Current bus service: from anywhere in Slovakia Sihla

How to find us: Map | | interactive map to find Hucul Slovak club

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