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Narrow-gauge railway Čierny Hron

Narrow-gauge railway Čierny Hron

Journey in wooden wagons of the historical forest railway with wonderful rural surrounding and fascinating landscape.

| od 3 € | od 2.5. do 30.9.
Čierny Balog | 48°44'46.11" N 19°39'27.45" E
+421 48 61 90 944 | tik@vydra.sk

zber lesných plodov
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Narrow-gauge railway history dates back to 1898, when they were first made ​​on the construction documents. In 1901 began to build and was launched 01.09.1909 the regular operation of the traditional narrow gauge 760 mm. Rail was established for the purpose of conveying timber from the surrounding forests (previously used to transport river rafting). Length of all the tracks gradually reached 132 km - the most of all 40 forest railways in Slovakia. After stopping the operation of the day 31.12.1982 was doomed scrapping. Was saved thanks to the work of enthusiasts and volunteers youth movement the Tree of Life. The resumption of the operation was to 1.5.1992, since this is a National Historic Landmark open to as a tourist attraction at a preserved section of 16 km Chvatimech - Čierny Balog - Vydrovská Dolina Valley according to the timetable in summer and winter.

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