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Hiking in the picturesque landscape of the Muránska planina.

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Horehronie, Muránska planina |


In the National Park Muran Plateau is you can go on hiking and four educational paths: outlaw brute nature trail, nature trail on Tisovský castle, nature trail Muránsky castle on a nature trail reed.

Nature trail bandit Surovec

Visit Bandit educational path Tisovský legendary outlaw James and his ruffians bandit who escaped the mansion of gendarmes sat Zbojská Devil inaccessible valley. The trail is one-way (performs the gorge from the bottom up), the starting point is at the information center in the saddle Outlaw and continues parallel to the red marked Rudná Remetisko main road towards where it leaves the main line of ore and continues through valleys Poppy trough underneath the railway viaduct Čertov bridge to mouth Certova valley. On the way Rudná main road from west to east, it is possible to turn on the trail already Remetisku. After a short deviation to Certova Cave and Devil's Valley gorge overcoming the educational footpath back towards the Brigand Court Pacherky through meadows and shed in Galičke.

The route is marked by green and white label nature trail and its length is 4.7 kilometers with an elevation of 268 meters. The time required for the transition nature trail is 3 hours solid shoes as part of the trail leads climbing the gorge, where it's wet and slippery, because the gorge is accessible countryside close by without major interventions in the field (without shoulder running boards and metal ladders). And therefore find in the valley paved sidewalk or a comfortable path. The trail is rocky riverbed led Anglerfish stream over boulders and gravel, which should be at the discretion jump from one bank to another without transition bridges. Wooden ladders are secured only three places where rock overcomes the threshold (with waterfalls).

The NCH route stops are as follows:
Brigand of Justice (Salas Zbojská) - starting point of the route,
Remetisko (legend of a monk)
Cave in Remete,
Crisp - a wooden trough for running timber
Miraculous spring,
Poppy bed - panel on Hunting
Poppy trough - Panel on Forestry,
Masaryk road (road-pass beneath the body of the state road "tunnel")
Čertov viaduct - Panel on cog tracks Pohronská Polhora - Tisovec
Springs - Certova mouth of the valley (modified spring)
Outlaw Cave - Devil's Cave
Devil's Valley (Brigand waterfall, press bully Strait, Little Falls, hate, Strait last barricade)
Pacherka - panel of sheep-farming and thieves,
Galička - right Carpathian chalet (chalet) with Bacoma, geldings and sheep in their pen,
Brigand of Justice (Salas Zbojská) - Target Point nature trail

The Nature Trail Muráň Castle

District: Revúca
Protected area: Muránska plain, NPR Gypsy
Background: Huta Muran, Muran, Great Meadow
Length: 2 km, elevation: 35 meters, transit time: 1 hour
Follows the trail: the routing NCH is identical to the blue brand, and later with a red marker. To return to the starting point of the Great Luke, or from the cottage under the castle go to the red mark after Muran or gold on the front mount
Access to NCH: SAD Muránska Huta, ZSR, SAS Muran

Names signboards
Muránska plateau
Forest communities
Muránsky castle (a small circle around the castle with labeled major or zachovalejšími objects)
Geomorphology Muranska Planina

Nature trail Tŕstie

Tisovec walkway connects the city with the main ridge and summit reed (1120, 9 m. N m.). Reed is the most extensive in the mountain region - Slovak Ore Mountains.
Trail follows the yellow-marked 6 kilometer tourist route on the reed, starting at tourist smerovníku. It is located next to the guide maps of the Protestant church and city authorities. Nature trail ends at a cottage on the reed.
Names signboards
Tisovec bus platform: Nature trail reed - basic data on the sidewalk
Spring in Montenegro: Living Water and Forest
Pavlovka: Meadows, pastures and transition countries
Wenceslas Monument Crow: Botanist Václav Vraný
Reed hut on the History of tourism in Tisovec

Nature Trail on Hradová

Hradová nature trail begins at the information point, which is a shelter located near the city center Tisovec. Copies trail is 3.12 km long with an elevation of 475 meters and along the route there are nine educational boards.

Tisovský Hradová (887 m) is one of the most important landmarks around the city Tisovec. The top of the limestone cliffs and numerous caves were inhabited since the Neolithic. Top Hradová hiding the remains of a medieval castle

Hradová is located in the protection zone of the National Park Muran Plateau. In 1984 he was included among the small-scale protected areas. On the territory of the fifth true, that the highest level of protection. Hradová is part of the proposed sites of Community importance Natura 2000 sites.

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