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Castle Muráň

Castle Muráň

Wonderful castle in the picturesque landscape of the Muránska planina

| 1 € | nonstop
Muráň | N48°45'5,73'' E20°3'10,57'
+421 48 488 17 30 | obec@muran.sk

zber lesných plodov
hrady, zámky, kaštiele

Royal Castle was built in the 13th century to barely accessible rock Gypsy. It was built by r. 1243 to protect the crossing to Liptovská and Zvolenska stool and the first written mention r. 1271st

The original building looks almost completely absorbed later rebuilding. The first time it was rebuilt and fortified in the mid-15th Century, when it was in power Jiskra troops.

Again, it was rebuilt and repaired in the second half of the 16th Century, and after years of 1621 and the 1651st The central building of the castle was up to his connected with the destruction of the palace chapel, surrounded by simple walls with towers and ingenious solutions gateway create a single large elongated courtyard shared only gravity field. In it were placed a number of economic and residential buildings. Since the end of the 15th century the castle belonged to John Zapolsky which he later gave to his adherents James Tornalymu. In his immature son treated castle between 1529-1549 Matej Basho, known marauding knight who with his companions undertook predatory expeditions of the surroundings. Levoča fired, Dobšiná and his name is associated with the destruction of the Carthusian monastery at Kláštorisko in the Slovak Paradise. Finally, r. 1549 conquered the castle of the royal army, whose commanders left the bass in place executed. series was then up to the early 17th Century in the hands of the royal chamber.

In 1609 ownership passed to a wealthy family Séči. Mary Széchyová, the last of the family members is Séči, which by its beauty and courage earned the name "Venus Muran 'it during the uprising George Rákóczi I. secretly released into the hands of her future husband Francis Vešelényiho who besieged him at the head of the royal army. The love of this beautiful pair talked legends captured in many legends and novels. Széchyovou marriage became the owner of the castle itself neskúr Wesselényi, one of the plotters plotting against King Leopold II. After disclosure of the conspiracy castle attracted imperial army. Last owner was Coburg family. They owned the castle until 1945. Castle burnt down twice in the 18th century and the late 18th century has been inhabited since then has not fixing it, so it still remained only ruins the foundations of the central palace and remains exterior walls ..

In 1972 the castle clean and since 1980 have been carried out gradually required maintenance of the castle. The castle was organized many events, entertaining and instructive character. The best approach to the castle is now a nature trail from the village of Muran, along with tourist cottages castle.

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