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The region Muránska planina has been bound up with Hucul horse breeding for more than 100 years. 1950 – 1958 136 Huculs were bred and there were 23 stud-horses bred in the basic mother-batch. At the same time 685 Hucul foals were born.

Huculs were utilized mainly for hard work and became an integral part of the life in the region of Muránska planina. The Hucul horse breeding in this region gained its reputation in other countries, too. Even nowadays there is a broad interest in Huculs bred in Muráň among tourists and breeders. That is what brought us to an idea of revival of the fame of Huculs. By the project Artery Muráň, we would like to interconnect the history of breeding with the present-day breeding and to present the exceptionality of Hucul horses, of the region of Hucul Artery and the Hucul breeders of Slovakia.
Hucul horse, in the past used as a carrier, found nowadays its new versatility. One of the possibilities is tourist horse riding. We would like to build up a net of relay stations of the Hucul Artery and to interconnect the harness tracks in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Literal translation of the word Hucul from Romanian language is actually „forest robber“. In the project “Hucul Artery“ we would like to introduce the history and contemporary situation of the Hucul – forest robber – breeding in the area of Muránska planina – Čierny Hron in an authentic way, as well as the history of the robbery itself.

Hucul Artery will lead through the mountains and valleys of Slovenské Rudohorie and Muránska planina. The accommodation during wandering can be various i.e. Sleepover in the apartment at the Robbery yard, simple tourist accommodation at the farmstead, at Šopisko Chalet or in private accommodation or guest houses.
If you are interested in non-traditional travelling in the saddle of hucul pony, contact us on e-mail addresses: huculskamagistrala@gmail.com, info@zbojska.sk
Please contact us at least 2 weeks before the term of wandering. Think over your horse riding skills and we will together choose the best route for you.
The route of wandering can last one day with a sleepover or more days with various options of accommodation.

Service packages for season 2015:

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Pricelist fo season 2015

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