Area Muránska planina – Čierny Hron / Horehronie

The Green Heart of Slovakia – that is how Muránska planina National Park is often called. Discover beautiful natural sceneries that are full of inspiration in any season, go for a walk through one of numerous nature trails and investigate Daphne Arbuscula, a plant that cannot be found anywhere else in this world. Visit also a village called Veľká Lúka and admire the beauty and mightiness of Hucul horses that have been bread there since 1950..

Come and breathe into the scent of forest in the Natural Museum in Vydrovská dolina. Three kilometres long nature trail with more than sixty stops will draw you into the history, current state and importance of silviculture in Slovakia. Go for a walk into the past through moss and brackens of the Dobročský prales virgin forest. The highest peak of the Slovenské Rudohorie mountain range – Klenovský vepor will reward you with wonderful view of surrounding landscape.

It is worthwhile to slow down sometimes in this bustling world. Visit a sheep farm in Zbojská saddle or let yourself enravish with picturesque landscape of the Muránska planina National Park. Take a drive through Zbojnícka strela, try to ride a Hucul horse, spend one night under „open air“, get to know the traditional sheep milk processing and taste the local specialities of hog-killing. There is always something going on in Zbojská, therefore we ensure you that your visit of this village will not be the last one.

Let yourself to be lead through a nature trail towards Muráň castle and remind yourself of how this castle could have looked like in the times of its greatest righteousness. Have a tour to peak Hradová, which represents one of the monuments of the town Tisovec and its surrounding and hides the ruins of a castle from middle-ages. Get to know the life of Ferdinand Coburgh who lived around Predná Hora, the life of Vladimir Clementis in Tisovec or breathe into the old times by a walk among wooden cottages in municipality Drábsko – part Kysuca.
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There is an opportunity to experience adventure on a track for all impassionate visitors of technical monuments. The Narrow Gauge Railway in Čierny Hron prepared for all of you an interesting program, it does not matter whether you planned a trip with your friends, fun for your children or a meeting with your business partners. If the basic routes are not satisfying, special routes like Adventure for Children, A Trip for Grandchildren and Travelling by Train over the Open-Air Museum can be booked as well.

Relax on the Plain may have more different forms. Imagine a family farm in a picturesque locality of Vrchy. Marekov dvor (Marek´s Barnyard) is an example of typical Slovak rural tourist attraction. Have a try of riding a horse, of helping with peasant activities and try tasty home-made products. Summer camps in Vydrová dolina offer unforgettable adventure, fun, an opportunity to spend romantic evenings at a camp-fire and camping in the middle of beautiful landscape of the Vydrovská dolina valley.

The National Park Muránska planina has something to offer for everyone. If you like adventure, try
to ride krnačky (a special type of horned sledge), drive an off-road or experience alluvial gold mining. Annual events like Rodeo Muráň, Hubert´s Ride or Ox Yoke competition in Sihla are connected with animals and riding. To get to beautiful nature has never been so easy. You just have to set off to a mountain trail or cycling route, or just to go for downhill or cross-country skiing in winter time.

Traditions have their place even in this modern world. Since many years we strive after maintaining of traditions and we do believe that we do it for joy among all generations. Do not miss social events taking place in Muránska planina. Traditions may catch you in many different ways, like, for example, in form of a walk over a market in Tisovec, tasting of delicacies on Michaelmas Day, cultural program of St. Catherine´s Day or a view of a carnival parade.

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